Below shows a typical "Before & After" and demonstrates just how much that not only does a full service of your roofline safeguard the roof from damage but because its the border/framework to which the eye focus's on other than the windows and doors, than it has the potential to Totally Transform your home.
Dormas and Shiplap Cladding with secret nailing when coincided with fascia and soffit leaving an outstanding finish.
Theres nothing straighter than a Letz Face It Installation
Flat roof fascia capping
Any shape
A splash of colour
All pictures featured in our gallery are genuine installations of Letz Face It
and not just some random  images available on the web.
They showacase clean lines and attention to detail demonstrating care is taken in every aspect of every project to deliver results which even to the untrained eye is plain to see.
Standing out from the crowd in your community without costing a penny more, i'ts a pride thing and which sadly nowadays seems to have fell by the wayside with many trades.

We kick off with a full makeover and example of our
Windows Doors Fascia Soffit Guttering And Downpipes
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